Allura Cat Jackets

About Allura Cat Jackets

Allura Cat Jackets are made of soft Polar Fleece with quality ribbing. Your cat will really enjoy this beautiful, soft fleece jacket with a variety of designs and patterns. Some times the ribbing may be a different color from what is shown in the picture.
Machine washable in cold water, please do not tumble dry.

Latest comments

Today | 07:22

im taking a year away from breeding, please check back here in 12 months.
cheers Racheal

20.10 | 19:35

Hi Rachael,
I am keen for a sphynx kitten early next year, can I go on a waitlist? I am happy to call to discuss suitability. Cheer Rachel

17.10 | 16:56

Hiya, will you have any kittens available in the coming months?

08.10 | 13:53

Hi Rachel, will you have any kittens available around December/January? Thanks, Jess.